Thursday 16 November 2017

Sage Accounts crashing when emailing invoices

We've had an issue with Sage Accounts crashing for a user and see this from time to time, mostly with the same customer. This spans multiple years and multiple versions of Sage Accounts, yes they do upgrade every year.

The environment is a normal network with active directory, Sage data hosted on a server and mapped via the UNC path. The printers on each accounts persons desk is an HP P2035 LaserJet, connected via USB.

They rarely change accounts staff so we rarely see this issue they have with Sage Accounts crashing when selecting multiple invoices and hitting the email button. Everything else with their setup is well documented from many years ago since they last changed PC's and had a few issues with Sage. I guess this one thing got overlooked in a rush trying to get everything fixed for them.

Having contacted Sage and being fobbed off with their usual line of 'This is a known issue, please follow the steps in this KB to resolve the issue you are experiencing" and being sent an email with a link to a KB. Suffice to say following the steps in this KB did NOT fix the issue!

How I fixed it was comparing another PC which is able to send multiple invoices without issue, the only difference was that the new accounts person HP P2035 had the "Enable advanced printing features" ticked under the Advanced tab of the printer properties page. I unticked this, hit ok and asked her to try again. Lo and behold, it worked! I asked her to try several more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke and we rejoiced as she kept trying and it kept working!

Now whether this is a Microsoft issue as its a tick box in a Windows dialog box (unlikely their fault as no other customer with Sage has this issue), an HP issue being its their driver and we don't see this with other customers with different printers or a Sage issue as its their software crashing I can't say...