Tuesday 14 June 2011

An Apple a day...

Where to start?

I'm a big lover of BSD and Unix based OS's and have used them for years, I love Windows too, it's great! However the OS X UI has never been my favourite, it's the static bar at the top that changes depending on the App you're using - it's just not right - I've done a lot of thinking about this and it I don't like it, no matter how hard I try (even though I shouldn't have too). Now this is something that's really annoyed me and to be frank put me off OS X. The older theme also put me off, however it's been updated over time and it looking more pleasing, but it's that damn static menu bar that's still putting me off. It's probably wonderful for people who aren't IT literate or new to computers, but for geeks it's not right. End of.

Having to click away in open space on the desktop to get the Finder menu items at the top, is just not right. I usually have loads of windows/apps open at any given time due to the nature of my work and geekism, which means most of the apps would cover any of the open space to access the the desktop in order to access the Finder static menu. I can't be the only one? I know the people I work with don't like OS X or Apple, yet have iPhones and think they're the best phones going.

One last thing, this really grates me is when people say things like:
"OS X just works" or "You wouldn't have these problems with a  Mac".
Unfortunately, I know from my support expeience that this isn't the case and the few Mac's we do have, do run into problems. I'd hazard a guess that there are more OS and Apple software based problems than 3rd party problems on the Mac's we support that "Just work".

Maybe one day I'll get a Mac and stick Windows on it, after all Windows 8 is looking like it is going to be the first major OS to market that's both tablet and desktop/notebook capable, tying things together nicely. It looks really promising, and while Apple (re)(re)(re)invented the cloud and yes they made things a little simpler for iDevice/OS X users - of which I am not one - however Microsoft innovated and has changed the game.

Thanks for reading my rant,
bewildered IT Geek

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