Thursday 28 March 2013

Smartphone security issues

It's been a crazy few months with all these lock screen bypasses, starting with the iPhone, then Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and now the iPhone giving you access to the iPhone photo's in the latest version of iOS 6.1.3 which was a fix for the previous lock screen bypass. How did that even pass QA? 

I tried the lock screen bypass on my Galaxy S3 and it's a tough one to pull off! It took me around half and hour of trying to get it to work, I then spent another half hour or more trying to do the same but with the swipe to unlock enabled before entering the pin (as this is on by default) and had no luck. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd like to know if having the swipe to unlock defeats the lock screen work around.

With all these security issues, I'd urge you to enable some form of mobile tracking or alternate lock screen app if available. I'm able to track my Galaxy S3 with Samsung Dive and with Cerberus, I installed Cerberus as it gives you a few more controls than Samsung Dive does.

Most importantly, remember these device are mini computers. All your social networks, contacts, photos and videos are stored on these small little devices, where before they were on your computer or laptop that would mostly be kept in your house and less likely to be stolen or lost. I know lock screens can be a pain, but please do enable it if you haven't already and always stay up to date with the latest software updates. It prevents the opportunist from prying into your private life.

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