Friday 15 March 2013

What's the SSD (Solid State Disk) failure rate?

Well it would seem quite high! But, how many of these failures can be fixed?

Recently our MD had a "failure" of sorts after his laptop had run out of battery power.
This will apparently cause the disk to go into a state of self preservation to protect the data, but only if it has suddenly lost power - a laptop would have put itself into a sleep or hibernate mode not just suddenly conked out. Now this state of self preservation means you can't access any of the data at all. Any computer will no longer see the disk, even in the BIOS because of this state.

I get that Crucial have done this to try protect the data due to the nature of the way SSD's work, however they shouldn't just let it "lock up" without letting you know what's going on! They should report that they've gone into this state so you know the drive isn't just dead, giving you some hope and some direction to getting it resovled. Luckily we're IT folk and figured it out, but the vast majority of non-IT folk would most likely panic, take it to a bunch of monkey's who don't know what they're doing (or do and rip them off for the sake of it) and say the drive is fubar'd and charge for another.

I think this is just a really poor play by the manufacturers and they should do something about this. Will they listen? Probably not.

Anyway, enough moaning and here is the article from Crucial on how to fix it !

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