Friday 8 November 2013

Blog Theme update

If you're on of the regular visitors to my blog, you may have noticed the theme changing now and then - I really can't find one that I'm truly happy with. Though I think the current one is probably one of the better themes. I've got a snip below of its current state.

I like clean interfaces and still believe this is one of the reasons Google has been so popular, look at the other search engines, you'll see most of them are cluttered with adverts, images and other junk that slows the page rendering time and make the experience unbearable. Anyone using iGoogle will know what I mean, it's Google, but it's more like a junk version of Google, its soooo slow because its got to load all those widgets and news feeds and other "stuff" you've added. Sure its useful to some extent, but when you're loading more than what's useable, why use it? Urgh!

So anyway, that's part of why I'm trying to find the perfect mix of usability & style.

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