Tuesday 24 March 2015

Dropped my Lumia 930 in the dish washer!

Yikes! What a scare I had today when I went to grab a fork from the dish washer at work.

I stupidly pinned my phone between my shoulder and face while talking to my wife as I bent down to open the door and the blasted thing, which is in a cheap £4 dual layer case which has access to all the ports, mic's etc, slipped, slid down the half open dish washer door, sank to the bottom at the back of the damn dish washer ...

Bad  times.

Whipped it out as quick as I could, dried it off with a dish cloth, the screen wasn't responding to touch oh crap. I finished cooking my lunch in the microwave, went back to my desk tried to dry out the ports with a paper towel and cotton ear bud - this doesn't really work.so well. But on are reboot (which is what happens if you hold the power down for long enough) the screen worked, so I could shut it down properly.

I went into our workshop, fired up the air compressor and blasted all the ports - this probably pushed the water deeper, but hey ho. I then check youtube for a video on how to remove the back cover, which is actually pretty easy. There wasn't much water at all, just a small amount from where the water was lodged in the charging port scattered out over the top of the back assembly. I tried to remove the back assembly but ended up rounding 1 of the screws heads, so couldn't get it off entirely, but enough to see there was no water on any of the components!!!

I then reassembled the phone and its been fine so far, touch wood!

I've decided to get my daughter a Lumia 735 for the front facing camera as she loves selfies and dropping her phones in water, I'm hoping the 735 is just as water safe as the 930 - or more water safe than her android and feature phones she's had yet.

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