Wednesday 1 April 2015

MS-DOS Mobile v1 - Microsoft's best April fools?

Today Microsoft released MS-DOS Mobile v1, along with a video on youtube which you can watch here. So being the MS fanboy I am I installed it on my Lumia 930 and had a play around with it and took a *few* screenshots.

Welcome to MS-DOS Mobile v1!
Not quite as many files as I remember being in the DOS dirctory...

Full keyboard access, fantastic! It's what I always dreamt of!

You can even use 'edit' to well ... edit the autoexec.bat and config.sys files, just like the good old days!

You can even make calls from MS-DOS Mobile v1! Admittedly it just launches the standard phone app and you can't have spaces in the number or NAME, yes you can give it a name, but the name can't have spaces in it ... I'm sure by v1.1 they'll have worked out this bug.

and yes, you even get Windows 3.1 with it, talk about a give software give away?! Do they still charge any ANYTHING any more? It even starts with the classic DAA-DIIIING! 

It was then time to explore that Game directory...

 Ah yes, nothing like managing your memory, if you were ever lucky enough to have more than 640k you'll remember that pain ... ah yes, QEMM was the way to manage your memory, dump memmaker and use QEMM - its what all the cool kids did ;-)

So what exactly is RPS.EXE ? Its Rock, Paper, Scissors of course - DUH! although the CPU only ever seemed to choose Scissors ... I'm sure by MS-DOS Mobile v1.4 they'll have this fixed.

I won't spoil any more of the surprises hidden in this gem, so go find them yourself!

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