Friday 31 July 2015

Pinning Hyper-V to Taskbar in Windows 10

So I've installed Windows 10 Enterprise at work, added the Hyper-V feature, great? I can now run my VM's again right? Yes, I can, if I could find Hyper-V !

It doesn't show up in the Start Menu, it doesn't show up in the search.

I thought sod opening MMC and adding it in and saving it.

Go to C:\Windows\system32 and find virtmgmt.msc, right click it and choose pin to Start, go to your Start menu, right click Hyper-V Manager and choose pin to taskbar.

You can't just drag it to the taskbar currently and have to first pin it to Start, I hope this is a bug Microsoft fix. This 'fix' will probably also work for other MMC Snap-in's that Windows 10 doesn't find after installing their features.

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