Friday 7 August 2015

OKI B432dn Installation, missing a driver when its not missing?

Today whilst on a customer site installing their IT for a new shop, I had the glorious task of installing 5 Oki B432dn's. The computers are USFF Dell's half the size of a novel and no CD/DVD drive, no problem I thought, I'll stick the installation CD in my laptop, copy the files over to their server and install the printers from there as Windows apparently had the Universal PCL 6 Drivers but still had a problem with the printer drivers.

HAH! My laptop refused to read more than the CD file structure and a few files across multiple CD's. URGH! I'll have to get that replaced then, though I think the laptop is now out of warranty by a few months, so may just get a USB CD/DVD drive.

Back on topic ...

I downloaded the drivers from OKI's website, installed them and it still had a problem with them according to Windows and a nasty exclamation mark over the printer object. Funnily enough, the printers would still print without any problems! But no body wants to see an error, even more so one that doesn't actually stop the device from functioning, how will you know when there is actually a problem!

What the freaking hell! I really didn't want to budge any of the staff out the way to nab one of their PC's with a CD drive to copy the installation media from it, so back to OKI's website and another look of the driver list and I see USBIPP Drivers listed ... hmmm I wonder what that might be I said to myself, so downloaded the 519.5KB file, ran the installed - lo and behold, the nasty exclamation mark had gone and all was well in the world!

It's these little things that really frustrate me sometimes, but glad it was an easy fix, one that I hope Microsoft / OKI remedy soon. Rant over.

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